Renewed Faith

After a brief miscommunication, IQM stepped up to resolve the problem and the turn around time for the replacement was amazing. Thank you IQM. Not only is this product amazing, the company DOES stand behind their product, and that is just as important. Sincerely Eldon E.

Eldon E.


I purchased the IQ Massager Professional 11 for my daughter. SHE LOVES it!

Linda Y

I absolutely love it

I bought one of these from a vendor at the mall last Christmas and I absolutely love it. I can only sell something that I truly believe in and I truly believe in this product.

J. Livingston

Terrific Technology

Like your product terrific technology design and ergonomics.

Romm D.

Love the Product

I received an employee discount at the American Heart Association Scientific Sessions in November. I paid 100.00 for the IQ Combo and love the product. I wan to purchase another one for traveling and would like to request the professional discount. Thank you

Loretta L.

Awesome Product

Just an awesome product. Relieved my back pain right away. I was skeptical in the beginning but it simply works.


IQ Massager PRO II

I have an IQ massager PRO II which I love.


No More Appointments

I have been using the iqmassager for about 2 years now I love if. I no longer have to go to the message therapys . I use to have a standing appointment. I have let my daughter who has neck pain use mine and it really helps her.

Marcia B

This product works

I am an ambitious college student who is looking to be a rep for this product in the D.C, Maryland and Virginia area. My father brought this home for me from Vegas because I have chronic upper back and neck tightness from a rugby accident. This product works, I’ve spent thousands of dollars on physical therapy and on chiropractors for similar therapy. I have no doubt I could sell countless units of these with my connections in the area. I really hope we can make a deal and get this product all over the D.C, Maryland and Virginia. Thank You!

Joseph Leonardi

Works Great

My husband gave me the IQmassager IV as a birthday gift this past September. It was working great. I have used it maybe 6-7 times when my back has hurt badly, and I have loved it. Thank you for your time and attention. Sincerely, Brett

Brett G.

I love my IQ massager Vls

And I what to help people see the good in it like I do.

Thomas G

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